Entry #2


2016-11-02 22:16:42 by teddygram

To all my fans & listeners: I just wanted to announce that I've released a compilation beat tape on Bandcamp featuring some of my favorite beats that I've made throughout the years. If you've been following me on Newgrounds, you've most likely heard all the material, but it is availible to download in lossless quality for all you audiophiles out there. Here's the link to the download: https://teddygram.bandcamp.com/album/aether-vol-1

Hope all you guys enjoy, and also feel free to give me any feedback 


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2016-11-02 22:42:03

Such an awesome album! Grandeur and Aether brought back some memories...

teddygram responds:

Thanks, Vinstigator! Those are definitely two of my all time favorite beats that I've made. Was a pleasure to hear you rap over them


2016-11-03 00:18:09

I really dig, awesome st uff.

teddygram responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it


2016-12-09 23:57:02

I sent this message to you earlier via FB Messenger, but it said you haven't installed the app and it made me send you a request blah blah blah copy paste time...

Hey man, I just wanted to say great job on the Aether album; I got around to checking it out today and it's very impressive!

The whole thing is great- And I don't know what your rules are as far as using beats go, but the songs Unstoppable, Grandeur, Aether, and Delusions are all tracks that I could see myself killing it on. At least in my mind. I'm kickin' some assss...Yeah....

Hope all is well man, and again nice drop with Aether, you definitely deserve more respect out in these streets

teddygram responds:

Hey thanks a lot man. Yeah, go ahead and use em. When you dropping your mixtape btw?